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Since 1986 we have been officially making sure our customers get the best quality DIMMA cars and parts. Our precision focus on quality has set us apart and we continue to strive to bring the best and baddest cars to the streets around the world.

We Create Mind Blowing Cars In No Time!

Top Quality

We leave no detail untouched. Our thrive on giving on customers 100% satisfaction. You can always count on Dimma to deliver the best every time.

Tons of Options

The Sky is the limit. DIMMA UK has always been known for innovation. Never hesitate to ask us where we are going next.

Clean Design

All whole heart is put into every project we take on. We take great pride in making sure every line is perfect. We love what you love and it shows on your final product.

Thumbs Up

Two thumbs up is a great expectation, but more often we get a high five or a peel out in the parking lot that shows how much our customers love us!

Continual Learning

Our of employees are lifelong learners. We are continually developing professionally to make sure you get the best DIMMA employees that can be.


Started in the UK in 1986, we never forget our roots. Stop by the shop anytime to check out what is happening. We are happy to give you a tour to meet your needs.

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What People Say
Racing legend combined with shop skills – DIMMA has no equals.Jay T.
I would not hesitate to recommend DIMMA to anyone wishing to get the car of their dreams. The customer support is of the highest quality […] The result looks great.Mark O.
I wanted a wrap done on my BMW, but had no clue what I wanted. The potential they saw blew my mind! Amazing finished product!Bill E.

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