Terry Pankhurst a Ford trained engineer won the British national rally championship in group one as well as group one on the 1981 Lombard RAC rally. A very successful seven-year semi-professional career,  building, developing and driving rally cars to numerous rally victories proved to be the perfect experience needed to move on into performance road car development. The key features of Dimma road cars have always been superb drivability, improvements in performance, handling and build quality. Exactly the same key ingredients that were part of Terrys successful Motorsport career!

In 1986 Terry started Dimma Uk and became the exclusive importer for the 205 body kit from Dimma Sa Belgium. Dimma Uk became the most successful of all worldwide Dimma agents and the relationship with the Belgian company became very strong. When Peugeot Sport called upon Dimma for assistance with various rally car projects, technology sharing with UK and Belgium was extended and built upon.  Over the years many new models were introduced in partnership and also separately. The Dimma Clio, for example, was designed and built by Dimma UK, though the moulds were transferred to Belgium for production of the kits.

The Dimma aluminum fuel cap trim was invented by Terry and went on to be sold throughout the world, as with most Dimma products it was often copied, but never bettered! Now, the concept of having a normal fuel cap or flap that looks like a “racing car” fuel filler has become commonplace on production cars of all makes,  probably all following Terrys original simple idea! ( if only they had allowed the patent he had applied for, Terry would now be retired on a warm island somewhere..)

Dimma Uk cars have featured in lots and lots of car magazines over the years, with many famous “project” cars built by Terry. For example, a four wheel drive 16v 309, but the most famous were the Dimma 205 cosworth and the Dimma Clio cosworth. Both cars featured the Cosworth Turbo engine and four-wheel drive, but with heavily modified chassis and of course the wide arch Dimma kits. These cars caught the imagination of car enthusiasts around the world and established Dimma as one of the most well known and respected styling/conversion companies in Europe.

In more recent years Terry has built a 500bhp 206, based on the world-beating 206 WRC rally cars, and competed with it on Rally Barbados and in some early Time attack events in the UK. In 2012 Dimma UK launched its latest wide arch styling kit for the BMW 3 series E46 models.

In 2014, following increasing demand from collectors for “classic” Dimma cars, (in particular the Dimma 205 which is now over 25 years old) Terry is going to re-start production of the older models again, with a new “signature series”.  Good genuine cars are now becoming very rare, there are many many copies and copies of copies, the new signature cars will be available to customers that want only the ORIGINAL and the BEST. All new build cars will be based on a top notch original standard car, with as many new parts as possible including a brand new Dimma kit and wheels, they will feature a numbered plaque, signed by Terry and are sure to appreciate in value as they will carry the DIMMA legend on for future generations.

There always have been and always will be people copying my products and ideas. There are even people out there trying to be me! They know who they are, but there can only be one DIMMA UK…The Original and the Best!” ~ Terry Pankhurst