Dimma “split rim” 3 piece wheel, “factory” refurbishment service

 Here is what we do:-

  • First we spin the wheels and check for runout and dented inner or outer rims, we can normally straighten flat spots and get the rims running true again
  • Next we crack check the rims, they are high grade alloy and can be tig welded where required
  • Wheels are then disassembled and all the parts acid cleaned
  • Inner and outer rims are the chemically stripped to remove the anodised layer
  • Outer rims are then recut and polished back to mirror finish
  • Inner rims are wire brushed to remove all corroded alloy
  • Inner and outer rims are then bright anodised as they were originally from the factory
  • Wheel centres are blasted and re-painted in the original silver ( unless required in another colour )
  • The original wheel assembly bolts ( 30 per wheel ) are acid dipped and then re-plated to look like new
  • The wheels are then re-assembled and re-sealed, correctly built wheels do not leak air  !


Please be patient, this whole process can take a few weeks 🙂

 What does it cost?

 Our Dimma wheel refurb cost is just £100 per wheel

That’s a fraction of the cost of new wheels and you can’t buy them anymore, only the “copy” wheels are now available and they cost over £1300 per set !

The pictures show refurbed wheels, prior to the work, they had the usual kerb rash, dull and pitted outer rims and rusty assembly bolts!

Please note that this price is subject to all parts being in a useable condition,  we may have to fit some new parts rather than reconditioning the old ones, but we will quote you following inspection of your wheels.

Price excludes collection or return delivery ( PLEASE SEND WHEELS ONLY, NO TYRES )